Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How can I learn more about the floating home lifestyle in British Columbia?

The Floating Home Association of BC (FHA) represents the British Columbia floating home sector including marina owners, home owners and those who support the sector. A nonprofit organization, the FHA was registered in 1990, to serve as the voice and support network for the floating home lifestyle. Through meetings, newsletters and a comprehensive website, the association provides resources, information and networking for those interested in living on the water. We encourage you to visit their website before you begin your floating home journey.

2. I see realtor signs of floathomes for sale on the street. Who do I contact?

The floathomes in our marina are owned by the individual owners. You should contact the real estate agents directly as per their signs. They are not on site so please phone them. The marina office is NOT involved in the sales of the individual float homes. The Marina does approve final moorage agreements.

3. Can I come and walk around the floats and docks?

No, this is a private marina and access to the floats is for employees, vessel owners and their specific guests only.

4. Do you have floating homes I can rent?

No, rentals are not allowed in our marina. Each floathome here is occupied by the owner.

5. I own my own floathome elsewhere. Do you have empty berths I can rent?

We are one of the most desirable floathome marinas in Canada. At the moment we do not have any empty berths. We do not maintain a wait list but you can send us a letter expressing your interest should a berth become available.

6. How much is moorage at Ladner Reach Marina?

This information is for our existing vessel owners only, and can be shared with qualified buyers once intent to purchase is established. Realtors chosen by owners wishing to sell will have general information as a starting point on this.

Note: Waterfront living is not inexpensive.

7. Can I get a bank mortgage to purchase a floathome?

This sort of question is better directed to a realtor. See the Floating Home Association of BC website for general information on this and ask your current lender.

8. Are there property taxes on floating homes?

Yes. Floating homes are assessed by BC Assessment Authority similarly to land residences. The City of Delta also has some utility fees charged directly to residents.

9. How close are you to Ladner Village?

We are about a 3 or 4 minute drive to the heart of Ladner. Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal is about 10 minutes away, and the Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is about 20-30 minutes away.

10. Can I tie up my sail boat or pleasure boat?

No. Our marina is only for the designated floathomes. No power craft or sailboats can be moored here. Kayaks and canoes are okay, but need to be slung from your vessel (floating home).

11. Can I launch my kayak/canoe from your marina?

No. Only vessel owners in our marina can launch their kayaks/canoes within the marina. There is a public boat launch at Wellington Point Park approximately 1km west of the marina on River Road.

12. Do you build new floathomes on site?

No. There is no float home construction here. See the Floating Home Association of BC website for information on builders and architects.

13. Do the floating homes have natural gas or just electricity?

There are no natural gas lines down to the floats. Every vessel has their own electricity meter. Removable and refillable propane tanks are allowed.

14. How much do the tides go up and down?

The lower Fraser River is a tidal zone. Twice daily the tides are high and low, with a range of up to 18 feet difference. Plus the volume of the river changes with seasons too. The floating homes and the floats between them move up and down accordingly.

15. Are pets allowed?

Yes, housecats are allowed but not to wander about on the floats. Small quiet dogs are OK too and need to be on a leash when on the floats and marina property.

Note: the flow of river can be quite strong and pets cannot swim well in the river current.

16. Are children allowed?

Children can visit. If under 12-years of age they must be accompanied by an adult and should be wearing their own approved flotation device. The flow of the river is not safe for small children.