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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 1.  Do you offer vehicle storage (RVs, boats, etc.)?
    Yes, we offer storage for a variety of vehicles including RVs, campers, cargo trailers, boats on trailers, and other vehicles. We have limited availability due to our competitive rates and long term customers. Please call the office with the dimensions of your RV or trailer and we will get back to you.
  • 2.  What method of payment do you take?
    We can accept payment by E-transfers, cheques, post-dated cheques, and cash. We do not accept debit or credit cards at this time.
  • 3.  Do I get a discount for prepaying longer terms in advance?
    Yes. Regular monthly storage fees are due on the first of every month. We also offer a 5% prepayment discount for 12 months and a 3% discount for 6 months. We encourage our customers to take advantage of the savings, convenience, and to reserve your space for the longer term. You are also welcome to prepay for future months of regular monthly fees (i.e. 2 or 3 at a time) for convenience and to avoid missing a due date. We can also accept a series of post dated cheques.
  • 4.  Do you charge a deposit or a move-in fee?
    A pro-rated amount of any partial first month and payment for the following first full month are due immediately prior to move in. Subsequent payments are due on the first of every month. A security deposit may be required.
  • 5.  Can I begin storing any time of the month or do I have to wait for month-end?
    If space is available you may move in anytime and the prepayment for your partial month will be prorated. For example; a March 22 move in would pay 10 days of March rent as well as April’s.
  • 6.  Do you have weekly rates?
    No. Our fees are based on monthly rates.
  • 7. How do I book or reserve a storage unit?
    Please call our office at 604-946-9747 to confirm availability, or visit the Contact Us page. You will need to make an appointment to come in and sign our Storage Agreement and arrange initial payment. We are first-come, first-served and do n ot hold or reserve without payment.
  • 8. How do I access my storage?
    The gates to our clean and secure storage yard are open during regular business hours; Mon-Fri 8:00am to 4:30pm, Saturday 9am to 12 noon. Bring your assigned key for the lock we provide. Our yard is closed Sundays, Statutory holidays, and between Dec 24 and Jan 1 (inclusive).
  • 9.  Can I access my storage without visiting the office?
    Yes, if your account is in good standing you can come and go during normal operating hours. However, if your account is past due you will be required to settle up if we have had to lock down or block your storage. If you are coming to temporarily take your RV or camper etc. out, we would appreciate a heads-up call to the office the day before.
  • 10. Can I drive up to my storage unit or do I have to carry up stairs or elevators?
    All of our storage units are situated to provide easy drive up access. We do not have any stairs, elevators or long halls for you to worry about.
  • 11. Are there employees or anyone available to help me unload or load my items for storage?
    No. This is self-storage. Bring what you need, including helpers if necessary.
  • 12.  What happens if I lose my key?
    We supply locks and keys for all our storage units and maintain spare master keys in our office lockbox. If you lose your copy, replacements can be issued for $10. Your key is to be handed in when moving out.
  • 13.  Is there a minimum time frame I can rent? Is there a long term commitment required?
    There is no long term commitment required. The absolute minimum would be one months rent. However, 30 days notice is required to vacate or additional fees may be charged.
  • 14.  Is there a public washroom on site?
    No there is not. Please be sure to plan ahead.
  • 15.  What happens if my needs change and I need a bigger or smaller unit?
    We can accommodate this based on availability. Be sure to contact the office for information on availability first.
  • 16.  What happens if I miss a rent payment?
    Our storage rates are very competitive and we can’t afford late payments. We will make every attempt to work out a solution in extenuating circumstances, however we do have an escalating past-due policy should you fall behind. We prefer to avoid the need to report to collection agencies and/or to seize stored items but from time to time that is necessary.
  • 17.  Are my stored items insured?
    Our insurance does not cover your stored items. We suggest you carry your own insurance for your stored items. Your homeowner policy may provide you coverage but you should check with your insurance provider.
  • 18.  Are the lockers or containers heated?
    Some of our units have heaters installed – extra fees apply for those. Most of our units have insulated ceilings to reduce condensation. They are not “climate controlled”.
  • 19.  Do the lockers or containers have lighting?
    Many of our units are equipped with lights on timers for easier viewing of your items. Most customers find the natural light is adequate.
  • 20.  What happens if I need to move out in the middle of the month?
    Our standard storage contracts require 30 days notice if you intend to move out. Storage fees are charged on a calendar month basis. Example 1: If you intend to move out by June 30, let us know by May 30 or sooner and you will only need to pay for June. Example 2: If you advise us on June 20, you will need to pay for July as well.
  • 21.  I am not sure what size I need. Can I come in and look first?
    Yes, you are welcome to come by and view our currently available units. Sizes include 8x5, 8x8, 8x20, 8x40, select other sizes, and various sheds. You will only be able to see units that are empty and available. Please refer to our “sizes and rates” page for more information.
  • 22.  If I need a cart or dolly, do you have those to borrow?
    No, but our drive-up easy access means you probably won’t need one.
  • 23.  How secure is the storage yard?
    We have an excellent track record in regards to being a safe and secure storage facility. You are welcome to come by and see for yourself and again, we encourage you to have your contents insured.
  • 24.  Do you have garbage bins available on site?
    Not for the storage yard. All garbage and personal waste must be removed from the property.
  • 25.  If I need access outside of normal operating hours can that be arranged?
    No. We are open Mon-Fri 8:00am to 4:30pm, Saturday 9:00am until 12 noon. This helps to keep our storage rates as low as possible.
  • 26.  What items are not allowed in the storage units?
    This is covered in our Storage Agreement: “The contents Owner shall comply with all Environmental Laws and shall not store or bring onto the Storage Yard any Hazardous Materials. For the purposes of this Storage Licence Environmental Laws shall mean any law, order, ordinance, ruling, regulation or directive of any applicable federal, provincial or municipal government or governmental department, agency or regulatory authority or any court, relating to environmental matters and/or regulating the use, manufacture, storage, distribution, labelling, sale, use, handling, transport or disposal of Hazardous Materials. For the purposes of this Storage Licence Hazardous Materials shall mean any above or below ground storage tanks, any explosive or radioactive materials, pollutants, contaminants, hazardous, corrosive or toxic substances, special waste or waste of any kind, including without limitation, compounds known as chlorobiphenyls, and any other substance or material the storage, manufacture, disposal, treatment, generation, use, transportation, remediation or release into the environment of which is prohibited, controlled, regulated or licensed under Environmental Laws. Fuel of any kind is not permitted, and for the purpose of pest control, neither is perishable food, living plants or animals.
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